Nfl cheerleaders dating black players

By May they were Facebook Official and taking turns driving the 4 hours between Stillwater and Dallas over the summer. Craig got to walk out for the coin toss because he had an exceptional game against Texas Tech the week before the Oklahoma game. You block a punt and return it for a touchdown and you get to date a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Born and raised in Mid-Southern Upstate New York, Stephen holds a master's degree in public communications.

Considering that the argument has been made that there are "too many white officials" in sports even though white males are under-represented in the sports themselves would seem to give the impression that the black community is VERY aware of racial representaion in sports if it is dealing with black MEN, but could not be bothered if it is dealing with black WOMEN.

This is unfortunate, because not only are many disadvantaged black females barred from ever even attempting their dreams, the continued under-representation of black females in cheerleading sends the message that black women are not "cream of the crop" material.

Jordan Daigle, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, was watching the Oklahoma State – Oklahoma on November 24th last year when she saw Craig go to midfield for the coin toss. Her friend went online, looked up Craig on Twitter and made her follow him.

Understandably, Craig wasn’t immediately certain a Cowboys cheerleader looked him up online out of the blue.

Of all of the observations I've heard voiced and questions asked, there is one aspect of this that I have never heard voiced. If it is commonly accepted that black males excel at sports, then why wouldn't it be safe to assume that black females would excel in cheerleading considering that cheerleading requires some athletic ability and coordination.

Why then are there not more black females in cheerleading?


She remembers her as a 'lovely girl and excellent cheerleader'.Founded in 1911, the fraternity had also built a reputation for the athleticism of its brothers.Slim but muscular, the 5ft 6ins Pope had her sights set on the cheerleading team of the college's Redhawks football team and was already equipped with the determination and discipline that making the cut required.Greeted by the sight of the majestic red-brick Georgian Revival architecture of the historic university, founded in 1809 and one of only four schools to boast a U. President and Superbowl-winning quarterback among its alumni, the freshman must have felt he and the college were a perfect fit.

After all, the 6ft 2ins Catholic boy with blazing blue eyes now faced with impressive spectacle of quadrangles with perfectly manicured lawns, and cavernous halls that form the heart of the college, had been his high school's prom king, star basketball player and class president.Is it because black females are not interested in cheerleading? In our society, athletes and cheerleaders are often presented as being the cream of the crop.


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