Non verbal communication dating

Here’s the catch: You should see almost all of these things happen at once for it to be a real emotion of happiness. You will rarely see any movement in the eyes, and the cheeks may only move slightly. Leaning in: When speaking with your date, take note if they are leaning in or leaning towards you.This non-verbal cue shows interest in what you’re saying and/or that they’re interested in you.For example, if a woman tells her boyfriend she is happy going to a football game instead of shopping, but she is standing with her arms folded facing away from him, her body language clearly says she is not happy with the decision.Non verbal communication can also be helpful in certain professions such as law enforcement.


If a Human Resources manager is interviewing a potential employee and wonders if he or she is telling the truth, shifty eye movement or nervous gestures will say a lot.

Psychologists may be best at reading non verbal communication as they, perhaps more than any other professional, know non verbal communication down to the very slightest movement or gesture.


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