Oab not updating on cas server

Furthermore, I will sometimes refer to clustered mailbox servers (CCR) and how this setup may influence the oalgen process. – /o=Group Messaging Organization/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List Event 9335, MSExchange SA OALGen is running on a cluster continuous replication (CCR) node which does not have registry value ‘SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\MSExchange SA\Parameters\CLUSTERNAME\Enable Oab Gen On This Node’ or it is not set to this node name.

When you have discovered that the Offline Address Book is not updating anymore, you may see the following event log entries in the log on your mailbox server : Event 9334, MSExchange SA OALGen encountered error ffffffff while initializing the offline address list generation process. Offline address book generation will not be performed.

The Offline Address Book files that get downloaded by Outlook clients are stored on the CAS Server(s) in the following folder (assuming that you have performed an Exchange installation using the default folders) : C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB\ If one of these parameters is not ok, you most likely will have a problem with the offline address book.

Set the generation server to your mailbox server (of if you are running a cluster, pick the CMS (cluster name)).

Check the oabgen schedule on the server and find a good amount of hours that is allowed for your environment).



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