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If this brought positive reward, that would then be a form of positive reinforcement that could condition them to behave this way.The very stereotype of short man syndrome meanwhile might lead their behaviors to be perceived as stemming from their insecurity.While Napoleon is widely believed to have been very short, in fact historians have calculated his height to be around 5'6' which was average for the time period.It is believed that the confusion stems from miscalculations caused by the difference in English and French measuring units, and from the fact that Napoleon was often portrayed alongside his guards who were all taller than average.For instance the mere fact that someone who is shorter may have more difficulty getting attention in general.They then may have developed louder behavior as a necessity and as a way to get others to take notice.Many people compare the typical short man complex to that of a smaller dog which many note are often noisier and more aggressive than larger more docile dogs.Other personality traits have also been linked to Napoleon syndrome for instance risk taking behavior and jealousy.

Indeed studies have demonstrated that in the wild, smaller creatures often do attack first.Thus it might not be that smaller males are more prone to attack first or act noisily but rather a case of 'gentle giant syndrome' where the larger individuals are more reluctant to engage in confrontation and the smaller individuals look more aggressive as a result.There are other possible explanations for short man syndrome however.'Short man syndrome' is a condition in which a person has to deal with a feeling of inadequacy which can come from a lack of height or a perceived lack of height.

This is particularly common in men who gain a lot of confidence and status from physicality and who often gain pleasure from being able to feel physically imposing.Short man syndrome is an informal term and not a medical or psychological condition and goes by other names such as 'Napoleon complex'.


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