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"[I]t places the human person and society in relationship with the light of the Gospel," and yet, it is offered "to the faithful and to all people of good will, as food for human and spiritual growth, for individuals and communities alike."* It is predicated, founded, established on "moral values, founded on the natural law written on every human conscience," and "every human conscience is hence obliged to recognize and respect this law." It is the Church's evangelical response, it is "her voice," perhaps one crying in the wilderness, "concerning the 'new things' (res novae) typical of the modern age," but a voice that "belongs to her to invite all people to do all they can to bring about an authentic civilization ever more towards integral human development in solidarity." The Compendium is a summary of this doctrine, one that is "presented in such a way as to be useful not only from within (ab intra), that is among Catholics, but also from outside (ab extra)," indeed, one issued to all men and women of good will, those who seek and share "a common motivation for the integral development of every person and the whole person." ----- *These and other quotes are taken from the Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano's introduction to the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church addressed to the then-President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino.

Andrew Greenwell, practices law in Corpus Christi, Texas. --- Copyright 2017 - Distributed by THE CALIFORNIA NETWORK Pope Francis Prayer Intentions for OCTOBER 2017 Workers and the Unemployed.

By acting against the brotherhood of man via the lifting of his hand against his brother, Cain was ushered into a Hobbesian world, where life is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short," (Leviathan, I.13), and where relationships with others are based upon the "fear of death, and wounds," coupled with a hedonistic panting, a "desire of ease, and sensual delight." (Leviathan, I.11). The modern world suffers from the malaise of bad thinking: bad political thinking, bad economic thinking, bad thinking about sex, marriage, and family, and bad thinking about the purpose of human life and of man's nature.

This is a world far doubly removed from Paradise, one proximate to Hell. The classical political liberalism of John Locke, institutionalized in our Declaration of Independence and the American civil religion; the classical economic liberalism of Adam Smith, and the laissez faire of the French Physiocrats upon which our economic system is built.

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" is how the fratricide Cain impudently responded to God's question about the whereabouts of his brother Abel, whose blood he shed, but the cries of which he could not hear, though God heard well enough. 4:9.) That self-justification was founded upon a lie, for Cain knew full well where his brother was and what he had done to him.

And yet he perjured himself when he answered to the Lord of Life and testified against the witness of his conscience that he did not know the whereabouts of his brother.


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