Paris and nicole dating brothers

Tiffany hinted to Corey that he and Nicole were a cute couple, but he proclaimed he simply likes to cuddle and nothing more.

Corey also hinted he may have gotten close to Nicole to further his game, as he revealed to Tiffany that Nicole is “playing her game” and he’s playing his.

While Peltz promotes her latest project, Hadid continues to focus on his promising acting career.



Now Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks are on that list with their latest get together over this past weekend.In addition to being genetically blessed, the Hadid siblings are also prone to being a part of stylish couples. The 17-year-old Hadid brother, a rising model, and 22-year-old Peltz, a starlet actress (), sparked rumors of a romance when they began posting photos together on Instagram, raising questions from followers. He's such an amazing person," she told WWD at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, where she's promoting her newest film, . She's also one of the Cool Teens in Wang's inner circle, along with her BFF Sofia Richie and Hadid himself.There's the oft-matching Gigi and Zayn, there was Bella and The Weeknd (R. Most recently, Anwar, shared a pic of him visiting Peltz with a bouquet of roses in hand: It didn't take long for Peltz to publicly confirm her feelings on her rumored beau. The actress didn't stop there; she went on to explain what it's like spending time with Anwar's sisters, too. There were also a lot of chances for fans to catch up with the couple to snap some pics and even a 40 minute Periscope session that you can still go back and watch.

This was Nicole’s first periscope so she started out a bit nervous but it looks like she got the hang of it.

Corey hosted Nicole around the town which looks to have included several nights out on the town and meeting up with Corey’s friends from home.


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