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Then there’s the sort that puts you out before you really ‘come’, and go on writhing their loins till they bring themselves off against your thighs. I thought there was no real sex left: never a woman who’d “come” naturally with a man: except black women, and somehow, well, we’re white men: and they’re a bit like mud.” In a brief paragraph Lawrence denigrates the variety of female sexuality and gets in homophobic and racist insults to boot.

Connie Chatterley is instructed in no uncertain terms as to what sort of orgasm is acceptable to her new lover.

He soon dis- covered a natural talent for writing, editing, and publishing. He established a bookstore in Greenwich Village that became famous as the Poetry Bookshop.

As a young man, he started a poetry magazine called , in which he published not only his own work, but also poems by such then-unknown authors as Archibald Mac Leish and D. During a trip to England, when he was in his early twenties, Roth was intrigued by a German sex manual that he picked up from one of the pornography stalls in London.

In chapter 10 Lawrence gives a description of Connie’s orgasm: when did a male writer, or indeed any serious writer, do that?

There is Molly’s eternal “yes” at the end of James Joyce’s and certainly Joyce is better at getting inside a woman’s consciousness; but he didn’t attempt what Lawrence attempts.

On the first day of the infamous Lady Chatterley trial, the judge offered to the defence lawyers the opportunity to call an all-male jury, allowed specifically in obscenity trials.

And, indeed, there is a downright nasty passage in chapter 14 of .

Not that this was an issue that concerned prosecutors, defence or jury in 1960.



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