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Teacher subject specialism training in secondary modern foreign languages ( role.This training could also be of benefit to teachers who may be able to teach a second language in addition to their specialist subject. For secondary mathematics, core maths and physics, eligible participants include: If you are interested in this training you can find opportunities using the directory below.In addition, it aims to upskill non-specialists who are currently teaching mathematics or physics and those looking to return to the profession.In 2017 to 2018, we have also added teacher subject specialism training in core maths for teachers in secondary schools and sixth-form colleges.They are issued by law; you must follow them unless there’s a good reason not to.They define the minimum level of practice for trainees and teachers to achieve qualified teacher status.


The ideal candidate will be committed to high quality teaching and learning and improved standards, able to communicate to young people an enthusiasm for languages, with a relentless focus The Knights Templar School are seeking a well-qualified, committed and enthusiastic teacher of Modern Foreign Languages.The George Eliot School is seeking to appoint an outstanding French practitioner to join the MFL faculty The school has committed to offering compulsory French to the vast majority of students from current year 7 onwards.The standards themselves (part 1 and part 2) have statutory force (under regulation 6(8)(a) of the Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012).Located on the edge of the Lake District National Park, we are an oversubscribed 11–18 mixed comprehensive.

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2017, we consistently perform well above the national average and are the school of choice in the local area We seek a resourceful and energetic teacher to join the Languages Faculty as Ho D Spanish.

If you are a serving teacher and would like to take part, you should discuss this with your school before making contact with the schools listed in the directory.


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