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Although he is often very lazy, he is primarily motivated with the chance to fight and defeat opponents.

Although he tends not to be very observant in his normal life, he is an expert in picking up new styles of fighting and adapting to the circumstances of the battle around him so that he can win the fight.

Despite his sometimes selfish and lazy behavior, he cares about the people around him, even if they cause him grief in his life.

He has risked his health and even his life for Akane and the others many times and does what he can to make things right.


Earlier, SRK had declared on Koffee With Karan that he would rip the lips off anyone who tries to kiss his teenage daughter.Jealousy is typically destructive in romantic relationships, and indulging in feelings of possessiveness often ends up pushing the other person away — which is why most people try to avoid acting manic or clingy towards their loved one.But, then again, some people have just decided to In my personal, professional opinion (which is actually in no way professional), it seems as though the guy in question may have previously cheated on the girlfriend, and the outlandish list is her way of drawing a line in the sand and outlining the stipulations for the two of them getting back together.We don't need the short skirt AND the belly bearing top.

He may be Bollywood’s romance king, but he is a very protective father for his little princess Suhana.

However, he has met his mother several times in his female form, calling herself Ranko and saying she is a Tendo cousin.


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