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Gary's wedding announcement a while ago clearly has made everyone shocked, including his friends in "Running Man".One of "Running Man" members, Song Ji Hyo, who was also rumored to have a romantic interest with him, recently opened up about her true feelings upon hearing Gary has been married.As for herself, she thought that (joining) , my personality was very introverted, and I had poor social skills, as a boring person like me kept facing challenges in the show, the members made me change a lot.There is now a great difference in my personalities.



Her pal in "Running Man", Ha Ha added that he also sent a message to Gary to congratulate him but Gary didn't answer to his message.

The members then cheered "7012 Forever" together to show their love for Gary.

The number 7012 was the password for Gary's escape in "Running Man" episode 267.

So, I take on this new challenge bravely.” Other than showing the feminine side of her and expecting a variety programme without missions or preferences, after all, the deeper thought of “Mong Ji” is, she wants to fall in love too, and she wants to have a relationship like an ordinary person.

“I, with the passing of the New Year, based on Korean Age, am 36 years old this year.The two also showed their close relationship and mutual supports, even when they were not on TV.


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