Sex chat between boy nd girl

This could account for the fact that girls use both sides of the brain at the same time when doing certain tasks, whereas boys tend to use one side of the brain at a time.

The Bible reminds us that God created two sexes: male and female (Genesis ).Gender differences shaped by sex hormones during prenatal development also cause brains of boys and girls to function differently.The female brain at rest is as active as the activated male brain.Therefore, girls talk earlier and at the age of 16 months have twice the vocabulary of boys.

Girls also tend to talk more than boys and use words as they are involved in learning. Research shows that parents, especially mothers, talk to girls more than boys, thereby stimulating the nerve cells to connect and form pathways for learning language and other verbal skills sooner.

Brain research affirms that many of the differences in the ways boys and girls grow and learn are due to differences in their brains.


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