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I hope that he can see that we are not all like that.' Gas engineer Daniel Gaynor, 32, and his partner vet nurse, Mandy Jackson, 30, from Rotherham also hit out at the Lunns for ruining their wedding plans in Rhodes.

Mr Gaynor told Mail Online: 'Me and my fiancée are affected by these two low lives.'We have been planning our wedding for two-and-a-half years.

She has reportedly left her home and remained off work.

The colleague said: 'She said she feels terrible about the whole thing.'She hasn't left the house or been into work since, our manager said she has had a lot of journalists at her door.'The whole was just a joke and she feel awful that it is got to this stage.'She has switched her phone off and I think she has gone somewhere to get away from all the media attention.'She's a lovely girl she would never doing anything like this to cause trouble, she never thought it would go this far.' The couple, from Birmingham, said they posed for the cheeky snap to show their unique sense of humour in their wedding album.

St Paul's chapel is one of the most sought after venues in Greece and caters for a standing or seated ceremony with minimal decoration or a white carpet and flower arch.

The photograph has led to all foreign marriages being banned at the monastery in Rhodes, causing havoc for hundreds of British couples.

Speaking to The Sun Mr Lunn said that the couple now regret the stunt while it emerged that his wife had gone into hiding.

A British couple who caused outrage after they were photographed appearing to perform a sex act in front of a sacred Greek monastery say the picture has been 'blown out of proportion'.

Matthew Lunn, 27, posted the snap of his new wife Carly, 34, knelt in her white dress as he had his trousers and boxer shorts around his ankles while punching the air.

They are scum.' Situated in a quaint bay in Lindos, Rhodes, St Paul's chapel is an extremely popular wedding venue for British couples.


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