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"Don't use the "thumbs up" hand gesture when you have a language barrier and want to indicate 'good' or 'okay', since this gesture means "up yours" in Iran." "In Iran you will be befriended by someone in the street, whose only wish is to show you his/her country (since hospitality to foreigners is ingrained in their culture), will often insist on paying for everything and/or inviting you to their house, and they ask for nothing in return.

Be open to these experiences for the Iranian people are NOTHING like you would think from in the news!

This will not make his position any better if he were to go back there.

He is clearly in danger of his life if he were to go back there."The barrister said Hosseini was sorry and ashamed of what he had done and for the embarrassment he had caused his family.

My journey to Iran took a rather strange route; I flew from London to Istanbul then to Doha and eventually arriving into Tehran 24 hours later.

This wasn’t ideal as I arrived completely tired and needing rest but sadly no rest for the wicked, I left Tehran as soon as I arrived and was driven to Kashan.

It took me (American) 10 months." Beware Iran's liberal interpretation of "dual nationality" especially if any close relatives are Iranian.

Tipped as one of the must-see destinations of 2016, it’s no surprise that the Iranian tourist industry is booming right now.

With record numbers due to visit over the next five years is it time to let go of the pre-conceptions?

Across most of Central Asia, the Middle East and even some European countries the time around Easter is their time to celebrate the Nowruz festival (Spring time).

Currently in the media being a Muslim can often be depicted as many different things, unfortunately what is rarely shown is actually how kind and generous the people are.

When Westerners think of Iran they often think of people burning flags, sanctions and nuclear programs.


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