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And then the police said, 'But the other thing is, we can't legally make him leave because both of your names are on the lease.

So if he doesn't want to leave, you'll have to find somewhere to live. You women want to leave the man and then two weeks later y'all are back together.'" (In fact, protective orders can grant temporary legal custody of a residence.) Knowing Victor would not agree to leave, and that she had nowhere else to go, she returned home.

When she ran into trouble, she called Interact, a Wake County nonprofit that helps domestic violence victims.

The agency logged almost 9,000 calls to its crisis line last year and provided direct services to more than 5,600 women and children.

anessa stops and stares down the impatient driver of a Range Rover.

As she crosses a hot, crowded parking garage at Crabtree Valley shopping mall to apply for a second job, the car revs its engine and starts toward her too quickly. She steps onto the sidewalk and enters the air-conditioned mall, smiling.

Because she's heard from family members that Victor is actively looking for her, she's told very few people what state she's living in.



But his charm wore off soon after they took their vows. Then came the cheating." Victor wanted the house kept up a certain way. I was like, 'I have these skills and I would like to use them.'" She never intended to be a homemaker, she says. I did not go to school to learn how to cook." She turned to family and clergy for advice.

"You would think he was the perfect gentleman," she recalls.


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