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[email protected] AMBER Alert is put out to the media when there is a child under 18 who has been abducted, is in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death, and there is specific info available about the child or the child’s abductor. Chad Pierce at 505-841-9228 Email: [email protected] In-state – NM Background Check includes fingerprint supported arrest record information maintained by the Department of Public Safety.Documents you will need: Authorization for Release of Information Form , original signature and notarized (Spanish Version) fee Documents must be mailed or hand delivered, we do not accept faxed documents.

Their counterparts north of the Kootenai River, the Columbia Mountains, are considered a separate system in Canada, lying to the west of the huge Rocky Mountain Trench.

Fingerprint results will not be returned to the applicant, only to the authorized agency requesting the results.

Manual submissions directly to the FBI – please visit the FBI website for instructions on requesting your criminal history.

At the end of the last ice age, humans started to inhabit the mountain range.

After Europeans, such as Sir Alexander Mackenzie, and Americans, such as the Lewis and Clark expedition, started to explore the range, minerals and furs drove the initial economic exploitation of the mountains, although the range itself never became densely populated.The Muskwa and Hart Ranges together comprise what is known as the Northern Rockies (the Mackenzie Mountains north of the Liard River are sometimes referred to as being part of the Rocky Mountains but this is an unofficial designation).


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