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He had worked for the Emerald Mine, switching six months before it closed. He says whatever he has to say, whether you like it or not, and there are no special interests putting him in their back pocket. With overtime, a senior coal miner can make six figures.In early August, Jim Popielarcheck said he got 90 signatures from friends and family pledging to vote for Trump to stand up for the energy industry. It's a good life, and coal forms the foundation of Greene County's prosperity. She is smart, he said, has experience and some details to her policy proposals.Each coal miner supports 18 jobs with his spending, Jim Popielarcheck said, citing industry estimates. "Right now, I think people are sick of it, ready for it just to be over," said State Rep.

I'll go to a junkyard and spend on the best I can find." There will be less spending at the Sheetz for gas and sandwiches with fewer miners filling lunch buckets. Already shock waves are being felt in the county from Emerald's closing. "Hillary seems like somebody who thinks the rules are for the little people, not her. "Damn right, she should be in jail." Many Greene County voters don't seem all that excited about the choice before them, even if they have strong opinions on the issues, County Commissioner Zimmerman said. "Greene County Democrats are leaps and bounds different than Philadelphia Democrats," Snyder said.Jim Popielarcheck said his son-in-law, a heavy-equipment operator, plans to move to North Carolina to find work and send for his family when he is established. They're preparing to vote against someone, out of duty rather than a sense of uplift. She focuses on local issues such as fighting opioid addiction and getting broadband internet access for the county.


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    With new land purchases in the 1930s, the park grew to 1822 acres (7.4 km) by 1937.

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