Sexe argrntine live cam

In the clip, a woman in Argentina can be seen filming the youngster, before the tiny grey demon appears in the background and quickly darts out of shot.

She claims that she began filming her son after he became particularly nervous – and now believes that the youngster had numerous previous encounters with the goblins.

“We asked him, ‘Do you want to run off home and leave us with this or do you want us to take you into custody?

’ and he wisely decided to leave it with us and this is what we got.” The two cops were ordered to hand in their weapons and uniforms during an investigation.

She also is seen putting up her hand in an apparent feeble attempt to stop another colleague from shooting the damning footage.

The law enforcement lovebirds face disciplinary action after they were identified in the cellphone video, which captured the woman’s badge.

Argentinian media say the gun belonged to the boy's father and that it was not unusual for people to own guns in the town, which is near a popular hunting area.

Police have launched an investigation, but they are working on the theory that the death was a tragic accident.


The footage was reportedly filmed in 2011 – but was only posted online after the family decided to share their secret.

'Moments later the shotgun is fired before the boy and two other friends start screaming 'Georgi' repeatedly. ' before another child says 'her parents are going to kill us.'In panic, the children then run out of the house.

Georgina is believed to have been the only daughter of a man in Santa Rosa de Calchines.

Two cops in Argentina were caught on video during their hot pursuit – as they had sex in their patrol car while ignoring a radio call about a robbery, according to a report.

The female officer in Rosario is seen performing a sex act on her partner while a dispatcher alerts them to a robbery, the Mirror of the UK reported.

With a mainland area of 2,780,400 km a Spanish overseas viceroyalty founded in 1776.


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    Age Gap: 20 Years Status: Annulled (2008) Renowned journalist and politician Loren Legarda married politician Antonio Leviste in 1989, when she was 29 years old and the latter was 49.

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