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Come rock out with some of Japan’s hottest musical acts around!Music Fest strives to provide fans with the chance to meet and interact with Fanime Con’s Musical Guests of Honor during Q&A Panels, autograph sessions, and of course, a high-energy concert!Keep checking back for more information on Fanime Con 2018 performers!Where instant connections are made and sparks are ignited! Speed Dating 101 is designed for those that want more information about our events before participating.The two groups then choose a “Best-In-Show” for each, and those entries also receive prizes. Our games cover everything from , General Knowledge, TV, anime, Disney, old anime, new anime, video games, science fiction, Adult Swim, random topics, and so much more!So if you have that right mix of trivia knowledge, lightning fast reflexes, and quick improvisation skills, come prove yourself at the Fanime Con Game Show!We rotate our games every 30-45 minutes, so there are always plenty of chances to apply. All contestants on stage are awarded prizes, from plushies to DVDs to gift cards.


If you are married you must wait until you have filed for divorce to become a member.Open throughout the con, sign up for open mic Karaoke, join one of our amazing contests, or just come and listen to all the great singers!With our jaw-dropping catalog of over 9,000 anime, video game, J-Pop, K-Pop, and Disney songs (most with lyrics in both their native language and English) as well as a full American karaoke system, our database likely contains every song you have ever heard in your entire life.Tournament information for Fanime Con 2018 coming soon!

Whether you sing in the shower or on the radio, you’re welcome to Fanime Con’s Karaoke room!

Contestants compete for cash and make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay!



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