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But Freed stood by his choices and went about the tasks of pre-production on the film, including the casting of the major roles.When Judy Garland first discovered that MGM was going to cast her in their new musical film entitled Meet Me In St. She feared, and with good reason, that the film would set her career back.MGM purchased the screen rights to Sally Benson's "Kensington Stories" for ,000.00 on March 1, 1942.Right away, the story went through the screen writing process at MGM.Finklehoffe and Brecher wisely decided that the bulk of the story should take place in the Smith family home and it's surrounding area of St. It was Finklehoffe and Brecher who expanded the "Warren Sheffield telephone call from New York" scene by making Mr.Smith ignorant to the goings on and having him hang up the phone when it first rings.Smith loses her temper; Tootie's ride on the ice wagon was originally a ride on a water-sprinkler; The cakewalk scene is danced in the book by Agnes, in a man's hat (Sally Benson based the Agnes character on herself); The Halloween sequence is in the book although it's Agnes who takes on the Braukoffs (or Waughops); A slight reference in the March segment of the book to a trolley gave birth to the entire "Trolley Song" sequence; The scene of Tootie and Agnes coming down the stairs during Lon's farewell party and Tootie singing "I Was Drunk Last Night" also comes from the book; Mr. At the time, Martin and Blane had enjoyed moderate success with their successful Broadway show "Best Foot Forward".

Finally, here are some interesting additions, changes, and/or deletions from the original book: The ketchup tasting scene that opens the film is an very expanded version of a simple paragraph in the book; In the book Rose gets mixed up with a middle-aged man; Mrs. With the script in place, producer Arthur Freed turned to Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane to compose the original songs for the film.Now, after reading the script, it appeared as though the studio wanted her to revert back to playing a high school girl with a crush on the boy next door.


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    The fourth guy's family goes out of the way to make her feel at home---Greek feast included---but she wonders whether it's the bachelor or his family she finds so appealing.

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    Suddenly I felt someone watching me…it was our guest staring at me through the chink. He opened up the door a bit more and you know what I did then? “She was this a bit chubby girl Helen, quiet but cute.

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    But none of these women were marriage material.'However whilst I was in London, I did get a chance to date girls from different countries and I found my best experiences were with Russian women who had recently come to the UK.'Richard's pick-up dating business continued to thrive and he decided to go travelling in 2009.

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    My 12 year old son enjoyed chatting with others who he thought enjoyed similar interests and writing stories was slowly introduced to role play chats that moved into mature language and sexual content and was told to lie about his age and to hide this from his parents.

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