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If you are new to snorkeling we suggest you begin it on the house reef in Maafushi Island. Furafathi or commonly known as Sexy Beach is a deserted sandbank near Maafushi Island.

A not-to-be-missed activity, Furafathi is a unique dream come true experience.

Ltd., Stingray Beach Inn is the sole provider in Maafushi island for the most outstanding tourist attraction of the Maldives today.

To experience the amazing wonders that lie beneath the waves, you do not need to be a licensed diver.

Visitors can choose a cruise around the Indian ocean with a loved one on the ship’s deck as they watch the sun go down.

Occasionally it’s possible to catch glimpses of schools of dolphins as the boat winds its way along its course.


In a country with over 99% water and less than 1% land, the possibilities for fun-filled activities in the water are almost inexhaustible.

The raw, unspoilt vegetation surrounded by blinding beaches and dazzling sunbeam-lined waters are like a phantasm; everything feels imagined, and you are the only person in this beautiful universe. This is exactly what happens on a Night fishing trip.



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