Two way webcam

Weather Display is developed by Brian Hamilton and is available here.**Overall system stability also requires stable drivers and a stable OS.We recommend Windows 2000 or Windows XP for the best stability.If you have purchased either program in the last year, I will gladly support you through the support page for a full year from your purchase date.For folks downloading it and using it for free, there are various forums out there with users who may be able to support you, but I won't be able to provide personal support.Image Salsa Weather Edition FREE Key: A2UUS-SBY5Z-V45GQ-6TPHK-WTCSR-S55YX Movie Salsa FREE Key: YKX5N-SN36R-M3WNK-BMXC5-YXS8Q-YH8KK Thanks, Jason We came up with the name Image Salsa because we thought putting "cam" in the name would associate it with the dozens of webcam software programs already in existence.


We had a good run, but it's gotten to the point where the cost of maintenance and support is greater than the income from dwindling sales.The camera works seamlessly with your phone’s app, so you can check in on your kitties any time.


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