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Now the Problem comes when i update any of Swing Files on server side then how could i download it to client. I'm writing an executable Jar file which contains one class (to FTP data to another machine) and one properties file (which contains amonsgst other things a unique sequence number to go in each new filename).Each time the Jar executes, the last thing it must do is increment the sequence number by one. Hello I am not sure if i should have posted this question in this forum or in the beginners forum :-) I have been given a project to work on recently and its pretty complex. This application has a very structered build process. For example, maybe you could create a single new ...


Thanks very much for any advice, I'm not sure what's wrong, but you might try adding the 'v' (verbose) option to the command line to see if anything useful is printed.

But what happens when you want to re-write the properties file (ie my app has a config menu which should be able to save its changes).

Is there a way to do this, or must I resort to file on file system?

Thanks I am wondering if there is any way to specify in the jar command to overwrite existing .class files that have the same name as the ones that you are updating the jar file with?

So when packaging large Java applications we sometimes need to add extra resources and usually we package those into separate jar files as well.

Then there comes a time when we might need to update these jar files. Jar files are really annoying because you cannot just open one and update it.



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