Updating house exterior


It’s also worth the time and money to do some professional landscaping, especially before selling your home, as this will help with its resale value.

We’ll start this post with the drastic exterior changes in my own house. I did a little research before writing about this and these seem to be the biggest bang for your buck in exterior home improvements and curb appeal too.

An easy change for the exterior of the home is to update or add light fixtures.

Out of date fixtures can make a home appear older, and the front of the house is the first thing people will always see of your home.

Adding a porch where there is no porch or updating an existing porch, is a wonderful update to an exterior of a house. I can’t get over the difference my small front porch made to the look and curb appeal of my house.


Porch details are so inviting, with columns and curved peaked rooflines.

Take care of overhanging branches, trees, and overgrown shrubs.



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