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It also fits perfectly in your hand, which is definitely ideal for a touch screen-only device.

There have been many attempts at the perfect touch device by Windows Mobile but it really wasn’t until the i Phone hit that the public decided that touch should be a mainstream option.

It’s a really nice touch and is much nicer than the abrupt flashing on and off that the i Phone and most other touch screen devices do.

The designers also had some fun with the UI in that when you launch the main menu the icons actually “scatter” and show up in a non-aligned position when they finally settle.

For example, there’s a proximity sensor that turns the Dare’s LCD off while in a call and held to the user’s face.

There’s also a light sensor that adjusts the LCD brightness automatically, and an accelerometer that performs auto rotation of the display.Read more about the LG Dare at vzwshop.com/dare or purchase one for 9.99 after a online discount and 2 year activation.



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