Usps tracker not updating


Paul order which as luck would have it had all the cables to run it in the second box!) Yes I learned my lesson and yes USPS SHOULD DIE OF CANCER OF THE FACE!The vendor mailed them on Tuesday, and gave me a USPS tracking number. I monkey on a scooter could get my package to me from New York in less than five days. If you train yourself to not be so concerned about where your package is every second of the day, then it'll be fine (I admit, I use to check these things once every couple of hours back when online shopping was new to me). One thing you have to note, especially with e Bay sellers, is that priority mail is NOT the cheapest shipping method with confirmation. When it comes to international shipping, things aren't that simple.Now it is Friday morning, and USPS tracking still says that they don't have my packages yet. Even if the seller says they ship priority, they might be skimping on things and just send first class with delivery confirmation. Most methods of shipping do not have any insurance, because USPS obviously has no control after the package leaves the US (remember, USPS is controlled by the US government--they can't really have any significant presence in other counries).In most cases, the tracking information is updated when the package is scanned further along the journey.


Your retailer has access to the latest tracking data and can best meet your customer service needs. Depending on the distance from one facility to the next, tracking may not update for up to two business days as the package travels to its next location. Your package will be delivered to the final destination by your local USPS carrier typically within 4 – 7 business days. What if I’m not home when the package is delivered and it won’t fit in my mailbox?So its official, we have worse than a third world mail service. Why anyone offers this as an option on ebay is beyond me. get this..i order an item on ebay, the guy wen to drop it off, they told him it wasnt properly wrapped..took it home and 7 days later he sends it out, gives me a tracking number and ofcourse it only states that they got it on this day. I purchased the item on the 5th of june and here i am wondering where the *ell my package is. I happenend onto this site by accident while checking for usps updates to my package tracking information in vain for the third day.I've had not problems with their delivery service, but the tracking sucks all to high heaven.When can I expect this return to be processed and my credit to be applied? Newgistics does not provide refund/credit processing for returned packages.

Please contact the retailer from which you purchased your goods with any questions regarding returns processing, credits and/or final resolution on your return. I need my package before the date it is expected to deliver, can I expedite my order? Once a package has been received and inducted into our network, we are unable to expedite, change or upgrade the service level of a package.What Im not a usps expert I figured she was doing her job so I took it at face value.


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