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This can be done by manually registering the system, rather than depending on Subscription Manager to perform the registration.This has two major steps, first to create an entry on the subscriptions service and then to configure the system.This allows subscriptions which are specific to virtual systems to be available to the guest and for subscriptions which are inherited from the host to be applied to the guest.For subscriptions to be managed effectively — particularly with inheritable subscriptions or interactions between subscriptions — there has to be an internal awareness in the subscription service of the relationships between hosts and guests.Both Customer Portal Subscription Management and Subscription Asset Manager use Red Hat's hosted content delivery services, with the URL https://cdn.


These tabs also allow administrators to manage subscriptions by subscribing and unsubscribing the system.If this option is not used, the system is registered with Customer Portal Subscription Management.Gives the hostname of the content delivery server to use to receive updates.These tools allow administrators to perform three major tasks directly related to managing subscriptions: registering machines, assigning (attaching) subscriptions to systems, and updating the certificates required for authentication.

Some minor operations, like updating system facts, are available to help display and track what subscriptions are available.

That key can then be used to attach those subscriptions on a local system.


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