Validating parser xml


The material in chapters 3 and 4 is very interrelated.To understand XML syntax, we must first be familiar with several basic terms from HTML (and SGML) terminology.I'm sure this will mean that it can't be used in all situations, but hopefully that won't prevent it from being used at all.



For more information I recommend "Test Driven Development: By Example" by Kent Beck.

Requiring users to install Xerces is simply too onerous a requirement; few will have it already and the Xerces installation system leaves much to be desired.

On CPAN, the only available XML Schema validator is XML:: Schema.

I'm writing a piece of software which uses Xerces/C ( ) to validate documents against XML Schema schemas.

This works very well, but I'd like to release my project to the world.One day, when XML:: Schema is completed I will replace this module with a wrapper around it.


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