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It wasn't long before one of the hotel staff came out and walked over to the ladies, who were chatting up a storm.

Cindy called over, and asked if I'd like a cocktail.

Tom laughed, said that Sandy would take it slow, would very likely find out, adding that she usually preferred younger women, but that Cindy just blew her away when she first saw her.

I smirked at that comment, saying that I'd had the same reaction when I met her myself.

Her muscles were toned, so it was obvious that she lifted weights or did some other kind of exercise on a regular basis.

Her hair was short and dark brown, and as I learned later, had green eyes.

Cindy was lying in the sun on one of the chaises in her bikini, catching some rays.



Each of them was probably about 30 or so, and Sandy, who wore a lovely little (and I mean little!When Cindy put hers down I reached up and pulled her into the pool with me as she shrieked with surprise.



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