White label dating usa she is dating multiple guys

The main difference between Dating Cash and other white label providers is their pricing model: users purchase credit bundles (rather than fixed-term memberships) which they can use to complete desired actions such as sending messages and 'flirts' or viewing photos of other members.

Partner commission rates start at 39% for web traffic and 25% for mobile traffic. A 500€ signup bonus is offered when you create your white label and reach 500€ payout.

Choose from several responsive web designs, lots of languages and set age limitations for new members.

You can choose to host the site on your own domain or just try it out on one of their domains with a sub-domain for free.

You don’t have to create a white label dating site to use this program, you can promote some of their top sites with regular affiliate marketing methods. Marketing tools include a dynamic member picture feed, quiz, instant messenger popups, registration forms and of course banners!

Dating Factory have won lots of rewards like for instance “best dating software” 2015-2016 and “best dating technology” 2012 – 2015.



White label platforms provide you with generic landing page templates but if you want to build a unique look and feel to your site, you can create and test as many landing pages as you like using your own designs.

The platform stands out with an advanced reporting system where you can track your user registrations and payments.



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