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“I really hate that word especially because I’m not.I’m muscular, I don’t have rolls, my BMI is where it’s supposed to be.One example: Her friend and that year’s runner-up Anya Rozova. “The last time I saw her — we would hang out all the time and I’d pay for her always — we were having breakfast and she called me fat.Like, seriously called me fat because I was eating and she was having coffee and she was upset.I was like, ‘Okay, here I am paying for your breakfast,’ so yeah, I haven’t talked to her since.” She has also found that women in the real world were just as vicious.“People would call me fat all the time from blogs or on the streets,” she says.

In our paper, we apply this new procedure to the French archeomagnetic data set.

But she does say it was all worth it in the end — especially because she was able to meet Tyra Banks, one of her heroes.



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