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“Of course I have no idea what the final solution is, but safe to say I’m more intrigued than ever,” he wrote.

Although engrossing video mysteries like this one aren’t quite a daily occurrence on the Web, there’s a thriving cottage industry of creepy content out there for anyone looking for a good scare.

It comes with the typical hallmarks of an intentionally creepy, but ultimately harmless, film: weird costumes, jump scares and an anonymous industrial location.


Or at least as an attempt to make creepypasta — the fictional images and stories that circle the Web because of their intriguing ability to horrify.

The earliest comes from You Tuber aetbx — this is the only video on his account, and it was uploaded in May. As the view count started climbing Monday morning, aetbx dove into the comments to ask, “This video was uploaded about 5 months ago, why everyone is interested?

” The You Tuber, who identified himself as Daniel from Spain in an email to the Intersect, said that he received a digital copy of the video from a girl he says he didn’t previously know, who told him that she “was sitting in the Park and found the DVD” containing the video.

That’s when I realized it’s some sort of puzzle,” he said in an e-mail.

“I didn’t really try that hard to solve it, but I had no luck either way.” There are other decoded clues, too, including the coordinates to the White House, and a message that apparently reads RED LIPSLIFE TENTH.

“I was unsure what to think of it, but I found it very odd.


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